Monday, October 8, 2012

Breakfast with a view

My most favorite time in Hawaii was the mornings, my walks along the path, working my way up to the Diamond Head Lighthouse, or just walking up to the War Memorial and crossing into Queen Kapi Ľolani Park.   Of course all of this done with coffee in hand.  

Once I would finish then the best part, ordering my breakfast,  getting to sit by the water and just enjoy the view.  

My favorite breakfast, that is easy the local favorite, Loco Moco.  To quote one Kensi Blye, separately delicious, together amazing.  Then again the breakfast company isn't bad either.  But the twist that I enjoyed was having it with fried rice, one word I would choose to describe it AWESOME!!  

Now of course the other special treat I also had was surfer's rice with and egg.  So why bring this up, because if I can re-create the rice, then the rest should be easy.....  So forgive a New York take on this Hawaiian treat.

Surfer's Rice/Fried Rice

4 cups cooked white rice
Picture courtesy of Deb (@mickmcgarrett) girl you rocked this recipe!
3 Tbsp soy sauce    
3 Tbsp oyster sauce
2 Tbsp  sesame oil
1/4 lb Portuguese sausage, diced
1/4 lb ham, diced 
1/4 lb bacon, thick cut, diced
(optional for Hawaiian authenticity dice up some Spam)
1/2 large red bell pepper, diced
1/2 cup green peas, frozen
3 tbs. green onion or chives chopped
4 Eggs
Black pepper (to taste)

  1. Dice sausage, ham, bacon and optional canned meat. In a pan fry bacon and sausage then remove, drain & set aside. Brown ham and Spam if using, remove and set aside.  
  2. Scramble eggs, cook  scrambled eggs, breaking apart in to bite-sized pieces, then set aside.  
  3. Pour oil into fry pan, add pepper, saute, add rice toss, then add soy sauce and oyster sauce, and then peas.  Mix rice until it is evenly coated.  
  4. Add in bacon, ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, and green onion/chives.
  5. Great with just an egg served on top.

Loco Moco

1 lb ground beef
salt and pepper 
1/4 cup of onions, grated 

1 can Beef Broth
1 Tbsp of butter
couple of dashes Worcestershire Sauce

4 eggs

  1. Combine ground beef, salt, pepper and grated onion  together in a bowl. Form ground beef into 4 patties of your desired thickness. 
  2. Grill or fry  patties until cooked, place the patties on a plate and leave them on the side.
  3. Make the gravy, using the same pan and juices from the burgers, 2 Tbsp of flour and 2 Tbsp of butter until blended then add the broth and Worcestershire sauce to taste.  Bring to boil then reduce the heat and let it sit until ready to use.  
  4. Cook your eggs as you like, in a regular loco moco, the eggs are sunny side up.
  5. To assemble place your rice on the dish, your patty, place the a top the burger then pour gravy on top....ENJOY


  1. How did the gravy turn out? I am anxious to try this :) My experience with gravy is that I never manage to boil and reduce the heat before it either sticks to the pan or burns LOL

  2. Gravy turned out well the easiest way to do it is after you make the burgers, in the same pan melt butter, whisk in flour then slowly add the broth and continue to whisk. This should help keep it smooth. Then add the Worcestershire sauce, and bring to boil and let it do it's magic. I stir every so often, I think you will be fine. I make these type of gravies all the time on the fly, key is whisking in the beginning, but if there are some lumps just strain through a fine mesh strainer then serve.