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Have a Cooking question, this is the place to ask it.  Need help planning a meal, have ingredients, wondering what to make, lets figure it out together.  This is the place to do it.

I received a great tweet today, Diana Lynn @worldofdiana " My parents & I enjoyed some yummy banana pineapple upside down cake."  I was so happy to hear you made it, but that everyone enjoyed.....Priceless! Please keep sharing I love to hear this. 


  1. @hedwig2212 asked- oh where were you when ! needed you in kitchen!!! Weight watcher turkey Bolognese sucks!!!

    Well my friend sorry was a little indisposed today, but I will see if I can find you something better

  2. How helping in how to use leftovers to make a fantastic meal?

  3. Would it help during the summer re-run hiatus to come up with leftover ideas for the recipes that have already been posted?

    1. That is a fantastic idea, original leftover recipes that's kind of like a new rerun. I love it.

    2. It is a plan for the summer, so if there is anything in particular you may want to see just ask it here.

  4. Artichokes scare me, how do you pick out the best artichokes, is there a trick to it?

  5. Understanding the different types of Artichokes that are available, as well as knowing some simple tips to selecting the right one at the grocery store can help make your Artichoke dining experience more enjoyable and delicious.

    A good place to start when purchasing Artichokes is determining which size of Artichoke will work best for your cooking requirements. The following sizes can are available:

    -Jumbo Artichokes are the largest variety available and are about the size of a softball.
    Large Artichokes are a little smaller than the Jumbo variety and can be best compared to a baseball.

    -Medium Artichokes look more like a tennis ball.

    -Baby Artichokes are the smallest of the bunch and are the size of a golf ball. These chokes are perfect for pasta dishes and snacks, as they can be eaten whole.

    Once you have determined which size you need, you can begin the Artichoke selection process. The easiest way to pick a good choke is by picking it up and feeling its weight. The best Artichokes will be heavier than the rest. You will also want to check for firmness. Firmer Artichokes are the most delicious! Once you find an Artichoke that is firm and heavy, you should begin to examine the exterior of the vegetable. You should always pick an Artichoke that has a nice, green color that looks fresh, unless it is between the months of December to February. Paying attention to the center leaves can also help you pick the perfect Artichoke. The best ones will have center leaves that are compact.

    To read more please check

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