Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Hour Friday

Friday is here time for the weekend and another celebration, okay just Happy Hour.  This week it is going to be ever so simple, well because I can keep it that way.  Not to mention that with this cocktail you will not require anything else.  In fact I went all the way back to day 3 of the blog's life to find this one.  Enjoy and happy weekend!

On day 3 of this recipe journey what can I say I saw this picture and was inspired by several factors.  Those that know me can guess, classically the bromance that exists between both Steve and Danny are just classic.  Then again shaken not stirred did come to mind as well how exactly would that go?  Seriously now, so I  did    decide to venture down the martini trail.  Having to keep in mind that this is Hawaii none the less, oh what twist shall we try to add today...   Blue jackets, blue water... get where I am going don't you...  So by all accounts it should be blue right?  So today I give you the Blue Bromance-Tini as inspired by ultimate in bromances in the coolest shades of blue....    

Blue Bromance-Tini 

2oz vodka 
½ oz Blue Curacao
squeeze of fresh lemon juice 
lemon twist
  1. To a cocktail shaker add ice vodka and Curacao shake and pour into martini glass, garnish with lemon twist

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