Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time to Share

Today I have decided to put a a very special post, one of thanks. Thanks to all of you that have read this blog, supported me in so many ways, and most of all encouraged me.  By that I never thought I would ever be in a place that my love of cooking could and would influence other people. 

As I had said earlier this week, it is my grandmother's birthday, and she is the woman who influenced me in so many ways.  When I was a child she bought me my first toy cookware, food, and the rest well that is just history. I would watch her cook, pretend I was a reporter and interview her on her style and what she was doing.  Now all these years later I hope I have done her justice.  

I know that this blog is a suppose to intertwine H50 and my recipes, well I guess the journey had to start somewhere, and I thought today I would share that with you.  The other thing I thought I would share, what a few friends have created and shared with me.  I think I understand what maybe my gram has felt with me when I have re-created one of her recipes.  

Thanks again for indulging me today it is greatly appreciated.  These are some of the fabulous friends who have shared what they have tried (I even stuck one in).  Please if you have tried any let me know on twitter @cherylhofmann or @cherylsrecipe, or email

4/23/12- Today  Diana Lynn ‏ @worldofdiana Shared the Stuffed Tomato from Friday's Happy Hour recipes.  It looks fabulous.  Thank you!!

Saturday April 28th, tried a little something special, grilled balsamic glazed chicken, served with ricotta pancakes with tomato and chard.  I think I need to get a better photographer......


Check out what Ellen made for dinner last night..Thai Satay!   I am so happy when you all let me know what you make and send a picture, love to post it here for all to see.  Thanks Ellen for sharing!

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